I got my first drum kit when I was 13 after Dad taught me to play on my knees. It was an Aria which I played in church.

A few years later I upgraded to a Thunder kit which was excellent at the time and I started talking to a mate, Richard, about the possibility of a band.

When I left college at 17 I got a job in a bakery and, the following summer, saving nearly all my earnings I bought my current kit, a Premier XPK. Richard and I got the band together and named it "Mallard Fizz". We played at the White Horse in Cromer 4 or 5 times and at Richard's brother's wedding ( a few Status Quo songs). We went on to record a few tracks in Richard's dining room with Chris Anthony under the name, "Bosco".

In 2003 I met up with one of my old school friends, Matt Gibson, who mentioned that he was learning bass and he knew a couple of guitarists. We got a band together with various names including "Johnson Criteria", "Humbucker" (mine) and "Jackhammer". It didn't work out too well although we played one gig at our local village hall.

Which leads us to Chibber

I got a text from my wife saying that Dad and Roger wanted to start a band. I was dead keen and I'm still lovin' it.