Where did the name come from?

Our first ever gig was at Northrepps Village Hall early in 2006. We were just doing it for a bit of a laugh and to see if we could pull it off. A good number of folks arrived from my workplace which was brilliant as they'd come from all over Norfolk. We had this idea that in the interval we'd ask people to come up with a name for the band if they paid a quid to Tearfund (a charity we support from time to time). There were several entries. Most were poor, some embarrasingly so, but one stood head and shoulders above the others. It had come from a mate called Jamie Boreham (pictured right a while later when Chibber were at the Brickmakers in Norwich).

The name he'd come up with was a word he'd made up some years earlier - Chibbermonopoly. We thought it was probably a bit long so we shortened it to Chibber.

It's been a good name! Thanks Jamie!