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When I was about 11 I asked for an electric guitar for Christmas. My father told me that he'd let me have one on the condition that I learned to play it properly so he enrolled me in a correspondence course (Klavarscribo). The guitar he got me was a Vox Ace. I wanted to learn how to play like Hank Marvin really but I plodded through the "Lightly Row" and Schubert's "Trout" kind of stuff. After about 15 lessons I started playing Shadows tunes and stopped the course.

On a visit to my Dad's parents in Machen, South Wales, I was put in touch with a guy who was a year or so older than me who was a guitarist. I went visiting and played his guitar through a decent amp and a Watkins Copycat Echo unit. I absolutely fell in love with the guitar which was a Futurama II. The action was great, the size was neat and the sound was gorgeous. Before too long, I had one of my own and now I wanted to play songs by Cream.



My first band was formed at Davenant School in Debden, Essex with some mates, Dave Bataller on bass, Chris Morgan on drums and Al Hiscox on guitar. We played songs by Stray, The Groundhogs, Black Sabbath etc. We started writing our own songs after a while although the only song I actually remember the name of was "The Problems of a Progressive, Victorian Vicar" or "Ps of a P V V". - hey - it was the 70s.


After getting married and moving to Norfolk I formed a band with a few other christians from Sheringham. The band name came from an old Byrds song, "Jesus is just alright". We played a few original songs and a few by Wishbone Ash etc. Probably our most memorable gig was an open air at the Mo Bandstand in Sheringham. There's a building on the site now - no idea what it is.

Scorched Earth

My sister was attending Norwich City College and caught sight of an ad for a bass player. I'd never played bass before but wondered, "how difficult can it be?" and managed to get an audition. I borrowed a bass guitar from an old mate and turned up with my AC30. We played a good few gigs in the Norwich area and stuck with old standards from the Stones with a few surprises thrown in (Elvis Costello's Alison being a favourite of mine).

G Squad

Following the departure of a couple of players in Scorched Earth we ended up with a 3 piece (Crime) which was soon down to a 2 piece (Steve Rogers & me) following some musical differences with our drummer. We auditioned a new drummer (Dave [Jif] Boucher) and formed G Squad. We were playing all original material in Norfolk and, following the introduction of Dave Curson as our pyrotechnic & PA wiz we did a bit of recording in a studio in Suffolk. This resulted in the production of our own single (In My Mind - Steve Rogers) and a few other songs which we slogged round London attempting to secure a deal with. No deal was offered.

Eyes Upward

In the early 80s I left G Squad to form another band of christians. My sister had married a bloke called Hartley Graham from South Shields and he'd mentioned that he'd quite like to play bass. I got hold of a friend from Cromer, Tim Dawson, to play keyboards and we bought a drum machine - a Korg DDM110 if memory serves.

Again, we were only playing original songs and we managed to get quite a lot of gigs in the Norwich area including one or two in support of the Norwich Venue Campaign and a couple of support slots with some lesser known touring bands. We also played a couple of gigs in London, some Irish pub and another in Kentish Town. We recorded a cassette which met with less than enthusiastic response from the beautiful people in the London Indie scene but we carried on anyway.

Silver Feet

What seems like many moons ago I was invited to play bass at a house-warming party. We were going to play "some old standards & stuff". So without rehearsal, Richard, a friend of mine and I turned up at this drummers house. The drummer was Dougie and before too long we'd formed Silver Feet. We actually wore silver-sprayed shoes at one time. We were really a function band playing all covers. Some rock n roll, some blues and quite a bit of strict tempo ballroom music. It was really good fun and it was probably the only time I've ever made any money playing music. We've not officially split up but we haven't played since 2005.


In October 2005 Roger, who I've known for some years, suggested we should get together and jam from time to time. I invited my son, Chris, to drum and we started bashing through some tunes. We were having a laugh and only ever intended the band to be for our fun. After we invited Tracey to join, bringing with her a good voice and piano-teachers skills, we thought it might be an idea to gig a bit from time to time. Which is where we are now!


I bought this guitar from ... a Godin SDxt Blue Flame Leaf Top
... mine's got a maple neck!
I've got a bit of a collection of various guitars - this is the latest acquisition (at the time of writing at least) a vintage Lemon Drop.
I use a Marshall AVT 275