I had my first acoustic classical guitar lessons in Chislehurst, Kent at the age of 12 (with the wife – or was it sister? – of John Williams). Having progressed a little, they suggested I joined in “group” sessions, but I was a little nervous about doing this. They then wheeled out John W to play to encourage me – it had the opposite effect – I thought I can never do that!

I then bought an old Vox electric guitar and played with a few school mates in a band called “The Room”.

Somehow, I then slipped into the South London folk music scene (with the likes of Alex Campbell and Al Stewart) and played in a few folk clubs in my teens playing mostly my own stuff (plus a few Leonard Cohen and Dylan tracks) – I still busk a bit for charities such as Tearfund.

I turned from music to rugby in the mid 70’s and 80’s and that became my passion.

I met Paul in 1990 in Cromer and tried the bass guitar for the first time. Having supported a Christian rap artist in Wales (well the food and drink were free!), I was back into music. Last year, I heard that Paul and Chris were no longer playing in their regular bands very much, so I suggested we got together to play the kind of stuff we all enjoyed. It was great fun and a good laugh and after Tracey joined in too, the band was ready to hit the road.

Our January gig in 2006 at Northrepps saw the birth of CHIBBER.