I've always loved music. When I was at school I learnt to play quite a few instruments including recorders, flute, tenor horn and singing in the choir. I first started having piano lessons when I was 7. After enjoying lessons so much, I decided to start taking exams. Up until grade 4 I was really keen, then it started getting rather tricky. I was ready to give up but Mum stepped in at this point with a little gentle bribery- If I passed my grade 4, she would get me the Norwich City away shirt! This was the encouragement that I needed, (I don't think I had ever worked so hard.) I passed this grade, then after doing this I regained my enthusiasm to get to the end and I passed my grade 8 in 2001.

I've mainly played the piano completely relying on reading the music, I do pick things up by ear but I haven't really ever improvised.

When my Sister and Chris were married, I went with them to watch Paul play a couple of times. I was amazed at how well he played the guitar and sang!

Then came the real challenge. Paul asked me to play the keyboard at Church. I said I'd have a go, but to be honest I didn't have a clue. Just going by the chords was quite difficult as I was so used to having every note written down. I then started to do some singing, again playing and singing was something I'd never really done.

After doing this for a while, Paul asked if I wanted to play with Silver feet. I was always ridiculously nervous, but I started to gain confidence.

I was really excited to be invited to play with Chibber. I've enjoyed every minute, we have a great laugh and I feel really fortunate to be playing with such a talented bunch of people!